Wednesday 22 February 2023

Bunny Balloon

The optional twist for the February Challenge at Beccy's Place is a Toss A Coin.  I was a bit apprehensive on a couple of the options but I would have dealt with it if I had got the worst option for me.

This was the grid for the coin toss:

I threw Tails then Heads then Tails then Heads then Tails.  I would have preferred Heads on the first toss but I doodled some hearts on the balloon to make it work.

I would like to enter:

Beccy's Place - February Challenge

Crazy Critter Challenge - Feature A Creature


  1. What a cutie - well done on doing the challenge, and doing it so well!!
    We had an early start here with an armed police 'incident' in the street - I roused to the voices as there was someone on a radio near to our house, and I have my window open a wee bit.... we are near one end of the street, and they had closed it off... it was all very quiet in our corner, thankfully!

    1. My goodness - what a start to the day. Good that you were a bit away from the incident. Stay safe.

  2. Well done Suze! I especially like the little flowers you doodled on the balloon, that was a great way to incorporate the "ingredient" in your design... plus it adds a wonderful personal touch to the card. I like your choice of colours too, the blue bunny is fabulous and works perfectly with the paper you used.