Friday 16 December 2022

Going for a Swim

 Ron muttered something about being hot and he was going for a swim.  Since I don't have a swimming pool I had no idea what he was on about.  

I had put the bucket in the bathroom ready to fill it to wash the floors.  Fortunately there was no water in it as it would have been hot water!  At least Jassin (left) and Eldrin (right) are only watching - or were they encouraging him?  

Ron and friends would like to share their antics at:

DL Art - 10th Annual Elf Antics - Day 6


  1. Oh no! I'm so glad the bucket was empty!! He's full of mischief.

  2. I'm confident that they were cheering him on!! lol I mean, just look at their impish faces!

  3. Wow, an elf hot tub...what a great idea! I think you should fill it with warm water and let them have a blast!