Wednesday 1 December 2021

The elf has landed!

We thought we'd foil the elf this year by taking an early Christmas break.  However, we started driving and who should we find in the car?  You guessed it - Ron is back.

Today we are on the first day of driving and have stopped for our overnight stop.  It is raining here at the moment which is a bit of a shame as I would have liked to go for a walk after sitting in a car for a while.  And maybe I could have escaped Ron for a while - Ha Ha - I'm sure he would have managed to gatecrash my walk.

We barely got in the door and Ron wanted a photo:

I would like to link to:

DL Art 9th Annual Elf Antics


  1. Ron is very tricky, isn't he?! He's going to keep you hopping during your road trip!

  2. Hey there, Ron! Good to see you. Lucky you on a road trip. Can't wait to see what you're up to.

  3. Hello Ron from Elves, Daisy & Holly, in N TX.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  4. Welcome back Ron, Enjoy your road trip!!
    Thank you for joining the DL.ART 9th Annual Elf Antics Linky Challenge
    Have a blessed day
    DIANA L.

  5. Hello, Ron! I'm sure he's enjoying the ride while creating a little bit of mischief ;)