Friday 1 December 2023

Bunting Tags

 Throughout November, Rach and Bella Crafts had a 2023 Christmas Craft-Off Collaboration.  I haven't watched many of the videos (I've watched two), but this one appealed to me.  I have only started it today and still have 22 of the tags to finish.  I wanted to document today's efforts though.

The idea is that it is an advent calendar with a twist.  At the end of each day in December, you remove the tag for that day and write on the back what you are grateful for that day.

This is the first three showing three of the shapes.  There are also circle and heart ones but I don't have any of those completed yet.

I followed this video by WW Designs and used papers from Antonio Makes

The pegs on the tags are temporary - I have different packs of six (that don't match) so I need to go to the shops to get enough matching ones.  I doubt whether I'll find ones to match these ones as I have had them for a long time.

I would like to enter:

Beccy's Place - Month of  Holiday Cards

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  1. Lovely idea Suze, and the tags are wonderful. You could keep them and add a note each year until they are full... would be a nice way to look back on Christmas' past.