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This page will be a work in progress.  I will add any images that I won from challenges as I use them.  At this stage, it is not up to date but hope to progressively add images that I have already used.  I know that there are some images that I have won that I have used but the cards don't appear here.  I should have started this page earlier and then they might all be here!  Keep checking back and I'll add some more soon!

I have several images that I have won from Sassy Studio Designs - either directly from Sassy Studio Designs or as a result of them sponsoring a challenge.  I have used more than is shown below, but I need to find the card pics and add them in here.

This image is from Sassy Studio Designs - The Nutcracker.  I won this one

And here is another card made using the same image.  This one also won a random draw at Christmas Crafting.

This is an image called Frostina from Sassy Studio Designs.

I have four images that I won from Eiglassing sponsoring a challenge:

This is an image from Eiglassing called Santa Claws.   I won this in a challenge at CRAFT Challenge.

And this one is another image from Eiglassing that I won in the same challenge.  This one is called Merlin mesmerising a chocolate Santa. 

This is the next image from Eiglassing that I have used to create a card.  This one is called Winter Twins.  I have one other image that I have yet to use.  Hopefully, you will get to see that one soon!

I have six images that I have won at various times from Meljens Designs Studio:

This one is an image from Meljens Designs called Three Kitty Kings.  I won this in a Meljens Designs Challenge.

This is another of the images I won from Meljens Designs.  It is called Tutu Sweet.  I made this very girlie card for another of their challenges.

This is Turtles Little Star from Meljens Designs Studio.

This one is called Penguins Cocoa.  Details of the card can be found here:

The other images that I have won from Meljens Designs are Beach Kitten and Cosy Winter Owl.

I have won three images from Beccy's Place.  So far, I have not used many of them but will add them when I do:

This one shows part of an image from Beccy's Place - there are actually nine puddings in the complete image.  I won this in a challenge at Beccy's Place. 

This time I used the whole of the quilted pudding.  Details of the card can be found here:

There are three other images that I also won but have yet to use.  They are Owl Trio and Roses & Pears.

I have won twelve images from Bugaboo - most from challenges and one from a blog hop.  I think I may have used more than is shown here, but need to find the pics and add them in.

This one is an image from Bugaboo called Meowy Christmas.  I won this in a challenge at Bugaboo.

The other three images that I won from the challenge are Christmas Sunbonnet Turkey, Christmas Teddy Cocoa and Stella Calendar Months December.

Okay, technically I didn't win this one in a challenge but I thought I'd include it anyway.  I won this image on a Bugaboo blog hop.  Details of the card can be found here:

This is the first of seven images from a Stella Says Sketch challenge.  I was second pick out in the random draw.  This one is called - Stella Birthday - aged to perfection.

The other images that I won are Stella Christmas - Psycho Shopper, Theodore Birthday Sign, Christmas Brat Girl Dress, Bird Greetings Hoot, Christmas Sunbonnet Tree and Little Penguin Winter Bench.

I have won a few challenges at Trimgym.  For some of them, I have chosen digi stamps and for others I have chosen some paper packs.


I won four images from a challenge at Winter Wonderland. I have chosen Christmas Owls, Carol Singing Cat, Ice-skating Hoot and Winter Hoot. 

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