Tuesday 21 November 2023

Sun, Surf and Santa Claus

Day 21 of the Month of Holiday Cards and Beccy is continuing on with the alphabet prompts and this time it is Letter S.  By my calculations, we still have two non-alphabet prompts left - one of which I think I know what it is (unless Beccy decides to trick us this year)

This is the second card that I posted today with the same fold.  This one is in traditional colours.

and the inside:

and with the tags removed:

I would like to enter:

Beccy's Place - Month of Holiday Cards - Day 21 - S

I have used the following "S"

Stepped Shutter Card with pockets - tutorial by Iced Images

Sandmen - images by Beccy's Place

Sand White - copic marker colour

Sand - copic marker colour

Sepia - copic marker colour

Strong Red - copic marker colour

Spring Dim Green - copic marker colour

Slate - copic marker colour

Sanguine - copic marker colour

Spring Orange - copic marker colour


  1. You're right about that last prompt Suze, I promise there are no tricks!
    It's good to see a few more angles on this fantastic card, it really is a beauty! Love the traditional colours mixed with the sandman images, and the pull out tags are a fabulous addition.

  2. WOW = Suze this is gorgeous - what a stunning fold, and opened up shows what a fabulous fold it really is.