Monday 16 December 2019

Open for Ice-cream

It was quite a hot day today so I stopped off at an ice-cream shop on the way home.  I knew that Ron was with me - but couldn't find where he went while I was ordering the ice-cream.

I found him.......

Ron, what are you doing up there?

I would like to enter:
DL Art - 7th Annual Elf Antics


  1. Suze, you've sure got to keep an eye on that Ron! Did he get a scoop, too? xxD

  2. Ron looks so cute on the ice cream sign! I think he definitely wanted some ice cream for himself, perhaps a tiny elf-sized cone!

  3. Ron is up to his ice cream hijinks. Today, here in Central TX temps were in 30s so no ice cream weather here. This past weekend temps were in 70s.

  4. I love ice cream no matter what the temperature. I love Ron's antics!