Thursday 19 December 2019

Pohutukawa Shopping Bag

I had no internet for much of yesterday, so I am a bit late posting Ron's antics from Day 17.

Today I went around to my Mum's to take her grocery shopping.  We take re-usable bags to the supermarket as plastic bags are no longer allowed to be used.  She had her bag ready - and someone to decided it was a good place to hide!

The flower on the outside of the bag is a pohutukawa flower.  Among many New Zealanders it is considered the NZ Christmas Flower as it flowers around December.

I would like to link to:
DL Art - 7th Annual Elf Antics


  1. What a wonderful flower image. Ron looks quite happy in that bag.

  2. Good idea to use fabric bags. I use fabric bags in stores that credit you 5 cents for each bag. Most grocery stores here still have plastic bags which I reuse for trash bags and for doodle bags.

  3. Love that exotic flower on her bag. We take bags to the grocery too, but none of mine are that pretty. Ron obviously approves. xxD

  4. We need to either pay for paper bags at the grocery store, or bring reusable ones too but mine aren't pretty like that one! Looks like Ron is measuring the bag to make sure it's big enough!

  5. We have a single-use plastic bag ban that will take effect this spring, but it's already in effect at most shops. I have been taking my reusable bags to the grocery store for many years. I will miss the other plastic bags though as I use them when I clean out the cat litter boxes. The flower on your Mum's bag is lovely! I'm glad Ron showed us!