Tuesday 28 November 2023

May Your Heart Be As Full as Your Stocking

 I didn't think I was going to get this uploaded before I went to bed as I added something to it this evening and figured that the light wouldn't be good enough to photograph.  However, I'm quite pleased with how it photographed so I'm adding it now.

Y is one of the most difficult letters of the alphabet for images.  Beccy's Place doesn't have anything that starts with Y so I got a bit creative with an image from the Lakeside Set (which I think is now retired).  I'm not an artist at all so my attempts to add a sail to turn the rowboat into a yacht aren't that good but hopefully it sort of looks like a yacht.  I also decided to disguise the oars.  My original intention was to somehow turn them into a sail but then by the time I printed the image out and got to working on it, I forgot about that.  So, it is either a torch left on and shining out of the hull - or it's a flare (take your pick)

I think this is now the only letter where I have one tutorial (and no more than that).  So, this is the same card fold as last year:

and this is with the pull tab pulled so that the "yo-yo" spins

I would like to enter:

Beccy's Place - Month of Holiday Cards - Day 28 - Y

I have used the following "Y"

Yo-Yo Spinner Card - tutorial by Beccy's Place

Yacht - image by Beccy's Place  (retired)

Your Heart - sentiment by Beccy's Place

Yellowish Green - copic marker colour

Yellow Green - copic marker colour

Yellow - copic marker colour

Yellow Fluorite - copic marker colour

Yellowish Skin Pink - copic marker colour

Yellowish Shade - copic marker colour 

The paper is a digital paper from Beccy's Place.  I think the stocking is also a retired image.



  1. You've done a great job despite how difficult the "Y" prompt is Suze... look at all the words you found! I like how you've altered the image to suit your needs too, very clever.

  2. I think it is a torch shing out of the back of the yacht... love your modification of the image, and you have made a sweet card with it